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Pole Basics
Pole 2/3
Rotations on Static
Acro Pole
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Pole Basics

This is the place to start if you are new to taking pole dancing classes, or it’s been a long time since you took a class. Pole Basics covers the fundamental of pole dancing enabling you to dance an entire routine on your first day of class. We will create a foundation for pole dancing as an art form and focus a lot on creating your own personal style. Class content covers floor work, poses on and around the pole, transitioning, spins, basic climbing technique and preparation for inversions. Each class includes a warm up for pole dance conditioning and flexibility.

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Pole 2/3


┬áThis is a multi-level pole fitness class suitable for anyone who has completed Pole Basics or it’s equivalent, and is designed to help you master your repertoire of pole tricks and also learn some new ones. We will focus on building strength through conditioning drills on the pole, and help you to develop a solid foundation with good form for executing those acrobatic pole moves.

Drop ins are welcome with instructor approval

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