Sweaty hands….DIE!!!!#2

DIY iontophoresis deviceI started the experiment for my sweaty hands with a homemade iontophoresis device over a week ago and I discovered a couple of things:  For one thing, the mind plays a big role in the way our body acts and for another I was addicted to antiperspirant products.  The fact that I now feel like I have some control over the situation is helping with my anxiety (which tends to fuel my sweating) plus, I definitely feel an improvement with my grip while teaching classes. Unfortunately,  I have been nursing an injury so I haven’t been able to beast mode in my pole training  which would really put it to the test. I can say that I am using little or no grip products on my hands when I teach class and in the past teaching would bring out the worst in the situation I think because of all the stopping and starting in my activity level.  Another benefit  I am blessed with is that the callouses on my hands don’t look so grotesque anymore and my hands feel softer since I am using less grip product-they were starting to crack in the creases of my palm right at the first knuckle of my middle finger which felt a lot like a big paper cut.

The device I built cost around $20. I got everything off of amazon. If you buy the retail devices they cost around $1000 so this is a pretty economical experiment if you are skeptical.

Does it hurt: No, maybe little stinging, like VERY LITTLE and I noticed my hands are a little itchy right afterward, but that goes away pretty fast.  I DID FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER IN THE VIDEO I POSTED IN MY LAST BLOG POST….

FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOQfjZ9-Akw



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