Sweaty hands….DIE!!!!

DIY iontophoresis device

My coach and pole students know I have a grip problem.  My trainer and I know it isn’t because I don’t spend enough time conditioning my grip strength because I do, I also spend a lot of time training my mind through mediation (which is helpful) because I realize that my hands (and feet) tend to sweat a lot more when I get anxious (seriously, nothing else on my body sweats.  My hands are horribly calloused from using antiperspirant grip products, needless to say,  I’ve been REALLY ready for the miracle cure to come along.  I ran across a you tube video several years ago during my quest to remedy the sweaty hand situation, but the skeptic didn’t get around to trying it until now.  I told a couple of my students what I was up to, and they all feared for my life, lol, “Make sure you are not alone when you try it”, one said.  Anyway, today was day one of the trial and I am alive, I made this apparatus myself (called an Iontophoresis device) and saved about a grand in doing so.  I’ll let you know how it’s working out for me in about a week. The YT video I followed to make the device is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOQfjZ9-Akw


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